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Summary: Agent Routing Guide

In this course, you learned all about how Gladly routing works, great job! Here are some key takeaways from the Agent Routing Guide:

  • Routing is the process of matching the Customer with the right Agent, at the right time.

    When a Customer reaches out, Gladly’s routing works on real-time information to identify an Agent that’s best suited to handle their need.

  • Routing is based on prioritization

    While there’s lots of details in between, the underlying basis of Gladly routing is to prioritize Customers in the following order: 1) Voice 2) Messaging 3) Mail + Tasks

  • Rules play an integral role in routing

    Rules add a layer to routing that customizes the experience based on your organization’s needs. It uses information about the Customer, the Agent, and more to make the right decision when determining how a Customer is routed.

Learn more about Routing
There are plenty of resources that dive even deeper into routing. You can start with the help docs, or if you’re feeling motivated, take the Gladly Routing Logic Certificate Course to get certified in Gladly Routing!

To wrap up, you’ll complete a walkthrough that showcases these concepts in Gladly. Click through the graphic below to see this demonstrated with a visual representation of a routing scenario.

Click on the interactive icons in the image below to learn more.

You’ve done it all! You’ve gone through each topic in the Agent Routing Guide.