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Person reviews a presentation they are planning for a team they manage.

Leadership 201

Course Details Learn the basic principles of leadership and develop management skills to build a successful team with training from ILM, the UK’s top voice on leadership and management. Whether new to management or looking to improve team performance, this course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to become an effective leader. What […]
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A manager sits at a computer as they review a new presentation they created.

Leading with Empathy

Course Details With new skills required in today’s rapidly changing world, empathy is crucial for solid leadership. You will join Tim Spengler in this course to learn about becoming a more empathetic leader. Gain tools and strategies to create a happier, healthier, and more productive work environment. This course will equip you with the skills […]
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A manager reviews team feedback on their computer.

Leadership 101

Course Details This course introduces foundational leadership concepts, highlighting the importance of authentic leadership in maintaining a successful team. Leaders must earn their team’s confidence, respect, and cooperation to maximize effort toward achieving shared goals. What you’ll learn
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A professional stands in front of their computers.

Developing as a Leader & Manager

Course Details Establish yourself as an indispensable leader within your organization. Bad management is the main reason people leave their jobs. 50% of adults in the US have left a position to get Away from their manager. Transitioning into a leadership role can be challenging. This detailed Leadership course guides you on inspiring employees, communicating […]
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Person interacts with a virtual team on a video call.

Impactful Communication Basics

Course Details Contrary to popular belief, there are other factors besides post-training leadership in determining success. This course will emphasize the importance of setting clear expectations during the interview process for achieving high performance and retention of individuals. By establishing a clear understanding of the role, leadership, and future growth opportunities early on, participants will […]
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Woman and man collaborating and working at a computer

Coaching: Getting the Right Help

Course Details Overcome self-doubt and learn how to ask for help effectively. In this course, we’ll provide guidelines for getting the proper support, including asking for use in the form of a statement. You’ll learn to ask for detail, be specific, and thank your helper. Discover the benefits of the buddy system approach and group […]
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Man and woman in office chatting and looking at computer

Coaching: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Course Details Learn how to provide effective feedback and help others improve their performance. Discover how to motivate employees and enhance relationships through feedback that accelerates learning and increases self-esteem. In this course, you’ll learn to identify behavioral gaps and avoid being judgmental. We’ll show you how to provide specific, impartial feedback to deliver for […]
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Woman taking a video call with a man gesturing with his hands

Give The Gift Of Feedback

Course Details Providing feedback is essential, but it can be challenging to get feedback right. You risk hurting another person’s feelings and/or damaging your relationship. This course covers everything you need to know about feedback, giving you practical tips, tools, and practice exercises you can use immediately to get better results. What you’ll learn
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Focused stylish millennial businessman consulting expert, listening to professional advice from boss, coworker, mentor. Business colleagues men meeting, talking at office work table

Coaching 101

Course Details Coaching is a vital skill whether you’re looking to improve your leadership abilities, work with teams more effectively, or advance your career. Get started on your coaching journey with our interactive self-study e-learning course! This course features a range of realistic examples, scenarios, and challenges to help you build your coaching skills. What […]
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