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Behavioral Theories of Brand Loyalty

Course Details Brand loyalty means that consumers have a special interest in a particular brand, so when they continue to purchase such products, they only recognize the brand, thus giving up the attempt of other brands. Brands can exceed the product life cycle and are an intangible asset. In this course Dr. Jagdish Sheth provides […]
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Follow-Through: Keeping Customers For Life

Course Details By establishing best practice around post-sale follow through, you can expect greater customer retention, satisfaction and upsell. The mission of every business is to create and retain customers. From this course you will understand the ten ways to create brand loyalty and how to implement the six F’s strategy to exceed customer expectations. […]
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Excellence in Customer Service

Course Details Learn about customer service processes and explore ways to improve customer interaction effectively by identifying customers’ needs and problems. What you’ll learn
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Creating Good Impressions Through Good Rapport

Course Details Think of when you met someone for the first time. What was your impression? Good? Bad? Neutral? What we do or say in the first few minutes plays an important role in influencing the future success of that relationship. Good rapport is both conscious and unconscious. It strengthens relationships and makes them more […]
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Improving Customer Rapport

Course Details When you make developing Customer rapport a priority, you will experience many benefits. From the very first interaction, there are things you can do to begin earning Customer trust and loyalty. Be friendly and genuine as you communicate. Always be honest and work hard to solidify your reputation as a trustworthy professional. As […]
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Master customer satisfaction to build a great business

Course Details Master customer satisfaction to build a great business. Identify the key things which will make the difference for you. Do you want to improve customer satisfaction? Are you really making your customers happy? Are you focusing on customer experience management in your business? Are you doing everything you can to give your clients […]
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Customer Service And Experience Improvement: Gain Devoted Customers

Course Details Are you looking to go above and beyond for your customers? Are you looking for that secret recipe that will take your customers from being ‘pleased’ to ‘delighted’? Do you understand the importance of customer service, but are looking for that extra actionable insight to get your business the exposure it deserves? This […]
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Customer Experience Management: Grow Your Business With A Purpose

Course Details Experts Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan share the findings and research from their best-selling book, On Purpose: Delivering A Branded Customer Service People Love, and some of the techniques their company, Smith+Co, uses to help organisations become purposeful in the experience they deliver to customers. They use case studies to illustrate the concepts […]
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Customer Experience Management: Brand Promise & Customer Loyalty

Course Details The focus of this course is predominately given to the importance of customer experience. Experts Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan will share the findings and research from their best-selling book, On Purpose: Delivering A Branded Customer Experience People Love, and some of the techniques their company, Smith+Co, uses to help organizations become purposeful […]
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Why Customer Loyalty Matters

Why Customer Loyalty Matters

Course Details Brand loyalty is the positive association consumers attach to a particular product or brand. Customers who exhibit brand loyalty are devoted to a product or service, which is demonstrated by their repeat purchases despite competitors’ efforts to lure them Away. In this course Dr. Jagdish Sheth provides an overview on Brand Loyalty and […]
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