Course Category: Performance Measurement

Retail specialist helping resolve a customer need in a store.

What is First Contact Resolution

Course Details This course explains first contact resolution (FCR) and why it’s crucial for your customers and your business. You will also learn some handy tips for resolving customer issues with the first interaction. What you’ll learn
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Analyst reviewing data dashboard while taking notes.

Levels of Measurement

Course Details Looking to pursue a role as a Marketing Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Analyst, or Data Scientist? Our Statistics Fundamentals course is the ideal starting point. In this course, you’ll quickly develop the skills to comprehend and apply intricate statistical analysis in practical scenarios. Gain expertise in foundational concepts like hypothesis testing and […]
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Professionals discussing business topics over coffee.

Monitoring Performance and Professional Development

Course Details In this course, we investigate assessing and improving work quality. We also investigate the importance of planning professional development, which requires the analysis of past performance to identify strengths and challenges before setting goals and plans for personal improvement. What you’ll learn
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Team reviewing data presentation on a computer together.

Team Building: Measuring Team Performance

Course Details Teams can achieve great things when they’re firing on all cylinders. But what does it take to build a high-performing team? In this course, you’ll learn what factors can drag a team down and why clear roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities are essential. We’ll teach you how to measure team performance and use the […]
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Six Sigma techniques displayed on tablet device.

Six Sigma Basics

Course Details This course provides a solid introduction to key concepts used in Six Sigma. By completing this program, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of terminology, processes, and tools, allowing you to participate in projects or understand their implementation in your company. What you’ll learn
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Six Sigma techniques displayed on tablet.

Six Sigma White Belt

Course Details Designed to give you an introduction to Lean Six Sigma Tools and methodology. On completion of the 14 interactive eLearning modules and an eExam, you’ll be a Certified Lean Six Sigma White Belt with the capability to contribute as part of an improvement team. This certification can help minimize or eliminate competition and give […]
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